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IC417 Spider and the Fly Nebula in Narrowband

IC 417 is a small emission nebula in the constellation of Auriga. It lies near the much more observed nebulae IC 410 (the Tadpoles) and IC 405 (the Flaming Star). It is sometimes referred to as the Spider Nebula as it appears to be attacking the nearby Fly Nebula (NGC 1931) About 10,000 light-years distant, both represent young, open star clusters formed in interstellar clouds and still embedded in glowing hydrogen gas.

This image consists of 17 stacked Ha Filter Images,13 Si Filter images and 4 Oii images (each 15min) a total of 7.5 Hours Imaging. Stacked in deepskystacker and Processed in Photoshop CS5. Images taken on a very clear night 20th Janaury 2020 using Atik 460ex/Ed80 scope and Pegasus Autofocuser.

A full nights imaging with the Scope and EQ6 Mount performing flawlessly, including a now correctly setup Pegasus Auto Focuser.

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