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Starting on the Rosette Nebula

I started last night on imaging The Rosette Nebula in Narrowband. Narrowband Filters being used are Baader Ha, Si, Oiii. The Hydrogen Alpha filter lets the h-alpha light of emission nebulae pass through to the camera sensor, and blocks almost all of the other light spectrum. This means it can be used even in a Moonlit night (as yesterday). This image is 12 x 15 Minute Ha seperate images, total of 3 Hours exposure, stacked in Deep Sky Stacker Software then a quick process in Photoshop to bring out the detail captured. When clear skies with no moon permit this image will eventaully be combined with other images captured using Sii and Oiii Filters. This will produce a full colour Narrowband Image which hopefully look better than black & white as it is now.

I am also working on a 4 Image Mosiac of this Nebula that will give a much wider view of what surrounds this nebula. The Rosette Nebula has an apparent magnitude of 9.0 and is approximately 5,200 light years distant from Earth. It is about 65 light years in radius.

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